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Production date: 2022
Genre: Ass Licking, Cum Shot, Deep Throat, Rimming, Gagging, Face Fuck, POV, Pissing
Duration: 01:15:57
Description: Submissive slut Lola Mai has been waiting a long time for Daddy rough her up. I walk up and shove my cock down her throat and fuck her face. I choke her with my dick and spit in her face. I put my fingers down her throat and slap her and fuck her throat. She's covered in spit. I rip off her fishnet bodysuit and slap her face more. I bend her over and pound her fuck hole from behind. I fuck her face more and she bends over with her pussy and asshole towards the camera. I switch to POV and roughly throat fuck her and she struggles to get away. I punch her face and spit on her. She cleans out my asshole with her tongue then I jump on the couch and fuck her face and give her more punches. She rides my cock then bends over me and I fuck her throat and wrap my legs around her head. I throat fuck her with a 13 inch dildo. I switch to POV and give her a surprise then I spit on her face and slap her tits and ass until they're bruised. She turns around and rides my cock then I flip her upside down on the couch and spit in her face and give her more punches. I fuck her throat until she's covered in spit then I sit on her face and she eats my ass. I switch back to POV and she licks and sucks my toes and I step on her face and throat with my feet and fuck her face witn my foot. She licks my nipples and I fuck her face then I fuck her face in a 69. I get on top her and pound her fuck box. I bend over and she cleans out my asshole with her tongue. I fuck her throat more then I whip her until her ass is all red and bruised. I hogite her and fuck her face and spit on her then I switch to POV and blow my load all over her face! Lola Mai was a good little bitch for Daddy!
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