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Production date: 2021
Genre: Anal, DP, ThroatFuck, Vomit, Humiliation, Pissing
Length: 01:04:23
Description: Not since uncle sniffy botched his town hall, and Don Limóne was feeding him words like we feed a whore dick, an asshole hasn't gaped this wide since Don Limóne's silver power bottom buddy had poppers in the po0per. In a time where misinformation is par for the course, at least you can count on real news here. I'm running off like uncle sniffy with a bad ear piece, so let me catch my breath. This whore took two dicks and in her asshole and was beat TF up. You can count the rings on her asshole like they count votes in AZ. There is a wide gap of probability. She drank tons of waste water, ate all the cum off her face like it was fake news. She enjoyed it all as we cackled like kamalalala.
HD video type: 1080p
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