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Production date: 2021
Genre: Threesome, Deep Throat, Gagging, Humiliation, Rough Sex, Puke, Piss
Duration: 00:51:54
Description: The second she walked in, I knew a load was going to end up in that buzz cut. Nothing says empowerment like a pearly white nut on top of a symbol of empowerment. The dicks were drilling down her cock neck, and all kinds of schlop was coming up. She was a messy one, and she hated it. She took a stream of yellow discipline to that head of hers. She reminds me of that "Stop the Insanity" chick. Remember her? Then she got fucked good and hard in that juicy pink pussy. She drank plenty of Yellow Discipline; more than enough to quench her thirst. 4 loads were dumped on her, and 1 all over her buzzcut. Her hair looked like a mini Guy Fieri getting ready to cause some havoc. We dumped the whore bowl on her and have her a dose of some more yellow D. She did good at soaking up all the mayhem.
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