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Production date: 2022
Genre: Anal, Gape, Squirt Drinking, Piss Drinking, Cum Swallowing, Deep Throat
Duration: 00:38:48
Description: This is one of the most scenes I've ever recorded and it's with Adira, I love it because she starts out alone playing with her.First she sucks it as if it were my cock, fills it with drool and eats it whole . When I see it it gets very hard, I go in and remove the dildo so that I can use my cock and put it in my mouth, make a deepthoat. I grab her hair and put my whole cock in her mouth to fuck her, she loves that she does it while she looks at me and tears come to her. I make a golden rain in his mouth and face I fill her with pee her ass and then put it all the way to the bottom and hear how she moans with pleasure when I fuck her ass.I fuck her so much that she leaves me soaked with her squirts and she gets very horny when I grab her neck while I put her from behind until I take it out and run in her face. It was like spending a day in a water park... fun and wet.. very wet!
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